Are you a landlord or property owner and find it increasingly difficult to cope with day-to-day administrative tasks? Would you like more time to enjoy your rental income instead of spending all your time on paperwork and property repairs? A real estate agency can offer a service that takes the stress out of your schedule so you can enjoy more than just your hard-earned money. 

A real estate agent is basically a company or person whose job is to handle some or all of the day-to-day issues of managing an apartment or renting it out. There are some agencies that deal with a wide variety of properties while others focus solely on renting out. Most companies charge a percentage of your annual rent. You can also take help from verified property agents in Melbourne & find expert for free.

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Here is a list of the main services offered by most property management companies:

– Evaluate rental reports, including obtaining floor plans, taking photos and writing detailed descriptions of the property

– Assistance in finding tenants through several advertising sites (brochures, online, local press, word of mouth, etc.)

Help screen tenants with referrals and employment checks to ensure they have the finances to make the monthly payments and the good character needed to properly maintain the property

– Drafting of lease agreements and support of tenants in procuring additional costs on their behalf

– Collect rent and send money to you

In addition, many agencies offer complete property management services for a reasonable fee.