The mortar joints and roof tiles should be inspected once a year, at a minimum. Repointing small mortar cracks could stop roof leaks and costly re-roofing projects.

Be extra careful with the ridge tiles because they are subjected to weathering from every angle and can show holes in mortar joints before other tiles are installed on the roof. If cracks are found within the mortar that connects the ridge tiles it is possible to either repoint the joints or opt for roof restoration.

If the cracks aren’t too large and the tile appears laid, repointing is a viable alternative. If fractures within the mortar appear as long as the mortar joint and the ridge tile appear to be moving it is a better option to lay the entire tile rather than the tile being repointed. If you attempt to repoint an unbedded tile, it will not be firmly laid and firmly bonded, the repair won’t last for long, and the fracture will soon occur again.

The primary thing to consider when making repairs is security. While working on your roof, make certain to secure it to a solid structure. In addition to ensuring your security when working on your roof, it’s advised to construct an area with a roped-off surface where objects that fall are able to land. It is the exact procedure used to repoint bricks or blocks.

After you have secured the tiles with a metal spike, you will need to scrape mortar out of joints that require to be repointing. The joint will be dampened, then apply mortar and use the trowel of pointing to smooth out the joint with tiles of the ridge.