As a sales manager, you should always ask yourself, “Are my team members working at full capacity?” Otherwise, there are plenty of motivational tools, skills, and techniques you can use to take them to the next level.

Many salespeople work to a fraction of their full potential. They allow themselves to be content with the status quo because they cannot imagine what they can achieve. Oftentimes, they're just a good idea of the next breakthrough. As the leader of your team, your job is to improve your team's results, motivate them and use their unlimited potential to succeed because their success is your success. 

Imagine how much your earnings and bonuses go up when your team is motivated to increase their sales. By motivating sales team all the time, you can earn more with less work. You'll enjoy more commissions, you'll be happier with less stress at work and more time with family. With this in mind, you need a solution that inspires your sales team and keeps them motivated every day.

11 Sales Motivation Ideas to Get Your Reps Head in the Game : LeadFuze

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Live seminars can bring positive results in the short term but are unaffordable and ineffective in the long run. The energy noise usually dissipates after a while. Did you also know that most people forget 85% of what they have learned after a seminar? Motivation needs to be filled. Learning needs to be intensified. 

The most effective and inexpensive solution to keep your team motivated is to invest in high-quality motivational DVDs from motivational experts. DVD seminars allow your entire team to be inspired by America's best motivational experts right in your office at a fraction of the cost of live seminars.