There are many reasons people hire passersby. Spring cleaning or wiping out that old bathroom or kitchen and wanting to get rid of a lot of yard debris are just a few reasons to hire passersby.

Renting a skip can be an easy process and it is even easier nowadays as various companies offer the possibility to rent a container online. The process is usually as follows. You can book your container rental through a ticketing organization, specifying your desired delivery date and time and your required container size. You can also hire the services of skip hire in Thurrock at

If there is no space on your property to place a container, it must be placed on the street or sidewalk. Board approval is required to place containers on public roads or sidewalks. A permit is usually granted when purchasing a diving board from a skip rental company. 

However, some councils require that the person applying for the permit is the person renting the container. If the jump is parked on the side of the road, the tenant must provide correct warning information. These lights can be purchased from a skip hire company when ordering a container.

Baskets are available in various sizes. The smallest, called the skip, can store around 1.5m3 of trash but is not always available across the UK. The most commonly used measure is called Builders' Skip. It holds over 4.6 cubic meters of waste (up to 50-60 bags) and is widely available in the UK. Larger tub sizes are available but are not suitable for heavy waste due to tub capacity.