There's nothing wrong with saving your own time and hassle by hiring a professional to mount your TV for you. Make sure you choose the right person (or company) for the job by following these steps.

Make sure they use your mount

If you have purchased a mount, the first thing to do is make sure that the company you are considering uses the hardware you provide. Most will, but some may insist on using their hardware or buying hardware directly from them. You can also browse this site to hire the best TV mounting professional in Houston.

Ask to hide cables

You should also make sure that the company you hire takes the time to carefully hide all cables out of sight once the TV is mounted. 

Ask for proof of insurance

You're more or less hiring a stranger to maintain your new (and possibly expensive) TV, so it's in your best interest to ensure that the person/company you hire has liability insurance.

That way, if your TV (or other resources) is accidentally destroyed, you don't have to pay for it. The same is true if the person who installed your television is injured at work.

Read third party reviews

Before hiring someone to mount a TV in your home, take the time to read third-party reviews from real customers who have rented it in the past. This will help you get a better idea of how other customers are enjoying (or not) their experience with the company or professional.