Buying a new set of wheels for your car is one of the most dramatic and stylish aftermarket additions you can make to change the look of your car. However, if you don't have new wheels, there will be new tires and a potentially high price tag, not to mention future costs which can also be expensive depending on the wheels and tire package you choose. 

Here you will look at some of the pros of keeping stock size as well as increasing size.

With standard rim sizes, you can continue to use the used rims via over and over again, unless they are worn out and need to be replaced. This can drastically change the price when buying new rims. Keep in mind that standard 16" rims, for example, may not have the same effect as 18" rims, but still give the car a new look and, in most cases, smoother handling, not to mention replacement tires. 

Usually cheaper and last longer, as we'll find out in a moment. The advantage of the series size is a smoother ride and cheaper tires that last longer. The downside is that the changes in appearance are not as dramatic and due to performance considerations at high speeds or racing, tires are usually not rated for speed and handling at speeds above 100 mph.

Now if you compare the two, you'll find that standard tires are cheaper and last longer, but they don't perform well at high speeds and don't offer the low profile that some people want. 18-inch tires are more expensive and wear faster than standard tires. 

However, the tires will perform very well during cornering and at high speeds, but on a more difficult ride which some find undesirable. This adds an additional fee to your initial purchase.