If everyone is stuck in the cramped corner of a social event and there is no one around to talk to, call your partner and ask if they heard about the divorce or some Hollywood star scandal. You will immediately start a conversation that will keep your friends all night.

Everyone is obsessed with celebrity gossip. After the names of famous Hollywood stars were mentioned, everyone who spoke had their own views and opinions. To get updates on Bollywood celebrities you can visit https://bechuzi.com/.

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There is a multi-billion dollar industry that revolves around the life of celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood. We are obsessed with what some actors eat, drink, drive, what clothes they wear, what perfume they use, and so on. Every well-known celebrity has a paparazzi club that follows them wherever they go.

This paparazzi make a living from photography. They chase and chase the stars until the celebrities are very upset about following them. There have been many high-profile incidents where some stars threw themselves at the paparazzi.

Print media, radio, television and the internet are full of celebrity gossip and it makes it very easy to keep track of the affairs of various celebrities as we are constantly being informed about what is going on with the most famous stars. We presumably hear more about celebrities in the media than about politicians and other influential people.

It is debatable whether celebrity gossip is a useful topic. How much knowledge can you gain from talking about other people's lives? However, if you are familiar with the life of a famous celebrity, then you can be the centre of conversation at any party.