Essential oils can penetrate our skin because of their molecular shape. The molecules are small enough to glide easily on our skin.

Not all essential oils enter your body and disappear when they come into contact with the skin. Because carrier oils have a higher molecular weight, some essential oils stay on your skin when combined with carrier oils. This can give you additional benefits. To learn more about essential oils, you can visit

In addition to the oil that penetrates your skin, the oil remaining on the skin's surface provides many benefits for the skin.

Molecular Vibration: All molecules vibrate at different frequencies. The lighter the molecule, the faster it vibrates. On the other side of the scale, the heavier the molecules, the slower they move. Imagine that for a moment. They were standing by the lake by the pool.

Then dive first into the pool. The high frequency of water molecules, allows you to move easily. Imagine that you are standing in front of a 100 year old oak tree. What happens if you hit your head first?

Unless you break your neck, you will have a very painful headache. This is because wood molecules are heavier and vibrate the slowest. Essential oils are light and move at a very fast speed so they can easily penetrate our skin.