In new construction, 50% of the kitchens now open onto a dining room or living room. The ideal location is the "U", with a low partition, combining the functions of the work plan, counter, and storage. You can get recycling bin solutions through easirecycling if needed.

Inspired by the professional sector, the central island is being installed more and more in open kitchens. It is both a cooking block or a water point, a preparation and storage space, or a dining area. The architect West Vancouver happens to be essential now.

The ideal height of the worktop, for the main users, should not leave more than 15 cm below the elbow. That of the sink should allow you to touch the bottom of the tank with your fingertips.

The arrangements and circulation of our 3rd millennium cuisine are very classic. They revolve around the three main activity areas of washing, preserving food and cooking it.

This, in close connection with the spaces dedicated to storage and cooking. As far as possible, plan for this purpose sufficient worktops around water and cooking points.

The basic rule of rational establishment is simple: limit movement between zones to a minimum, in order to optimize comfort and safety.

According to the choices or possibilities of arrangement, these displacements can be linear or in a triangle. To maneuver without being obstructed, 70 to 100 cm of clearance is necessary.

To properly design this new kitchen, observe the advantages and disadvantages of current cuisine and that of your loved ones. Three rules are the basis of a well-thought-out space.