Animation can be used to educate, inform, promote, and express emotions in the same way as live-action. It can also use the same techniques as film language, colour, and sound. Animations are created so that the character portrays the child in a way that will convey the message. 

This illustration shows just how useful animation can be as a media tool. This is a great way to demonstrate that cartoon violence can be used for a positive purpose. Animation is not a media medium that is targeted primarily at children. However, in certain situations, this can work to the producers' advantage.  You can also hire animation video and video production firms to make an animation video.

Image Source: Google

The commercial features animated hedgehogs crossing the road and encourage children to follow their lead. The song hedgehogs sing the songs to help children remember how to cross the road safely. This is not possible in real life with live-action. This advert is a memorable and interesting alternative to boring, repetitive, live-action instructions.

Adults are avoiding animation because the cartoon series is clearly aimed at children. This is enough to make them stop watching. The animation format used to be biased and aimed at younger audiences. It was a fascinating concept in the beginning and a moving drawing. People of all ages were interested in this new concept.