When it comes to grinders, there are a lot to choose from. Stylistically, there are plenty of themes and novelty designs that you can choose from when looking for your perfect piece.

However, we’re not going to be focusing on that today! We’re going to cover the differences between two-, three-, and four-piece grinders as well as different materials that make for a great grinder. 

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Hash Slicer


Two-piece grinders consist of two pieces that form a chamber of interlocking teeth. To use a two-piece grinder, you simply separate the two pieces, place your desired amount of cannabis into the teeth, and then close it back up. Once the grinder is closed, simply twist each piece in opposite directions, and continue it until the cannabis is finely ground.

After you’ve ground your cannabis, dump it out and use it to pack your bowl or roll your joint!


Three-piece grinders are extremely similar to two-piece grinders, but they add another component for convenience. You still have the two pieces with teeth that interlock to grind your cannabis, but there is also a collection chamber on the bottom for the ground cannabis can fall into. This means that the bottom grinding piece with teeth also has a series of holes in it so the cannabis can travel to the holding chamber. 

The holding chamber included with a three-piece grinder is the next-level inconvenience, as they allow you to grind your bud and have it in holding, waiting to be smoked!