Dental crowns can be used to cover any dental imperfections. They are permanently attached to the original teeth or implants. Cementing process can be used for permanent fixation of the crown to the base. 

It can also be used to fill gaps between teeth, similar to bridges. Dental crowns are used for many purposes and, therefore, there are various types of them too. You can visit for dental crowns in Orange Park.

Different kinds of dental crowns are available, as well as their benefits:


These are commonly used to replace front teeth. This is possible to achieve this as the porcelain or ceramic has the same features of natural teeth that result in a seamless blending. The texture and color are like natural teeth. This is among the benefits of using ceramic as a replacement for the front teeth.

A mix of porcelain and metal

This is the ultimate example of the dental crowning procedure. The porcelain resembles natural teeth, and the metal makes it robust and long-lasting. The process involves the removal of tooth structure in a large amount from the bottom since the metal has to be secured at the root. 

There are many reasons to use dental crowns. A few of the reasons are protecting the teeth beneath them from any further abrasions and filling in gaps between teeth, enhancing the performance of teeth with weak bones, and beautifying smiles. 

Discuss in detail with your dentist the various advantages of dental crowns prior to choosing. The choice you make must address your problem without causing further harm to your dental health.