There's not any known treatment for endometriosis. Endometriosis therapy is generally organized towards removing symptoms and signs of endometriosis. Several treatments for endometriosis may contain drugs and surgical procedures, based on the seriousness of the problem. This guide will cover the drugs used for controlling endometriosis.

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There are lots of medications that you can use for removing pain caused by endometriosis. Initial line medication could be NSAIDs. These drugs are usually taken by women who have plans of becoming pregnant. 

Birth control pills may also be utilized to control pain brought on by endometriosis or to people who intend on not having kids, however. It's encouraged that the birth control pills be taken regularly with no 7-day break. This may result in to complete reduction of your menstrual cycle. 

The precise action of birth control pills on endometriosis implants isn’t fully known, but it's thought that the pills may shrink the size of their implants and stop its recurrence. Studies are necessary to be performed to further strengthen this belief.

Danazol can be used to reduce testosterone levels in girls while efficiently diminishing estrogen levels. The medicine simply treats the symptoms rather than the disease. The menstrual cycle is stopped and the entire body is set in a condition similar to menopause. Symptoms return if the drug is stopped. This medication isn't widely prescribed because it raises the chance of prostate cancer.

If NSAID's and birth control pills don't do the job, a more powerful hormonal treatment might be required for miscarriage treatment. 

These drugs taken for endometriosis therapy are just given following consultation. There are a few NSAIDs and birth control pills that may be purchased over the counter, however, it is still recommended that you undergo a clinical checkup before taking any kind of medicine for endometriosis.