A thumb sucking appliance is a dental device used to break a persistent thumb sucking habit in a child or adult. The appliance prevents placement of the thumb into the mouth in a comfortable and soothing position.

Your dentist will prescribe a thumb suction device. You can get this prescription from a general dentist, pediatric dentist, or an orthodontist.  You can Click here to know about the methods of getting rid of thumb sucking and finger sucking habits.

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At your first consultation, a diagnosis of normal thumb sucking must be made before the device is made by one of the following specialists. As soon as they emerged, the habit was stopped over time by willing participants to continue to experience wear and tear.

A thumb appliance made in 4 easy steps

  • Examination and diagnosis by your dentist, who will prescribe a thumb suction device to break the habit of sucking your thumb or finger
  • This habit-breaking tool is made to order by first taking pictures or digital scans of your teeth
  • Then the dental laboratory will make the device move or not move for a habit. The specific type will be determined by your dentist
  • As a dental service provider, you make an appointment for delivery of your device and start treatment.

Thumb sucking appliances should be used if the thumb or finger sucking habit in early childhood persists after 4 to 5 years of age. As your child grows and develops, thumb sucking can lead to tooth decay and develop skeletal structures.